November 15, 2015

The Cowch Story

Our ‘tail’ began with a strapping young Bull and a dedicated, beautiful Cow. The Cow and the Bull were both deeply in love with each other, however despite this love, they both had a secret passion, a thirst for another.

The Bull longed for fine liquor above all else, while the Cow couldn’t escape the seductive temptation of sweet desserts.

These desires were threatening to tear the lovers apart until one day the two confided in one another of their passions and temptations. Free of their secrets, the Cow and Bull decided to come together to create the ultimate in both.

For years the two searched and developed to craft the perfect marriage of liquor and sweets. Here Cowch was born. Where both Cow and Bull can discover and experience this new love.

Is it a bar? Is it a dessert restaurant? No. It’s so much more than that. It’s the journey of a Cow and a Bull, a Husband and a Wife, and it’s a desire for satisfaction and greatness.

Put simply, it’s Cowch.