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About Us

Cowch was born to provide a solution to indecision, thriving on providing an endless variety to customers and creating memories that can only be experienced through a love of decadence.

Our ‘tail’ begins with a strapping young bull and a dedicated, beautiful Cow. The Cow and the Bull were both deeply in love with each other, however despite this love, they both had a secret passion, a thirst for another. The bull longed for fine liquor above all else, while the Cow couldn’t escape the seductive temptation of sweet desserts.

The Cow and the Bull decided to come together to create the ultimate in both – Queensland’s first dessert cocktail bar.


Party with Us

As Queensland’s first dessert cocktail bar in Brisbane, Cowch is the ideal venue for your next celebratory occasion! Whether it’s a hens night with your closest girlfriends, a blow-out with your work colleagues or a classic family birthday party, we’ve got everything you need to make lasting Cowch memories.

With specific masterclasses catered towards the little calves, or a cocktail night for the cows and bulls, you can sit back and enjoy our sweet treats in our cosy venue as we take the stress out of your party.